Other Services

DaVinci Teeth Whitening

We are excited to offer a safe, natural, toxin free and organic teeth whitening service. Were fast, affordable and prepared to deliver you a beautiful whiteness. Now your can have a dazzling smile without the use of harmful chemicals.
Whatever your position in life, the da Vinci proprietary non-dental gels are strong enough to vibrantly enhance the color of your teeth with a non-invasive teeth whitening experience. We use only American-made organic FDA regulated gels.
$100 for 1 20-minute session
$150 for 2 20-minute sessions
$200 for 3 20-minute sessions

Spray Tan

With our selection of organic spray tans, we guarantee a quick drying and no-orange tan.

$40 for 2.5-3 hour dry time.

$20 for 6-8 hour dry time.

Ear Piercing

Quick, easy, and painless process. No age restrictions with parental consent.

$25 per client
Includes piercing and medical-grade stainless steel earring set of your choice.