"I just wanted to say thank you to both of you again. It was the first morning in a VERY long time not worrying about coloring in my eyebrows!!! I'm so happy with the results already!! What a feeling not worry about make-up! Thanks again!"
Westlake Faces
"I had my eyebrows done many years ago and they all but disappeared. I was glad when they did though because the person who put them on me did a horrible job. You know I had to trust you to go through that again. Thank You for giving me my eyebrows back. They are just beautiful and look very natural."
Desarie DuMenail
Austin, TX
"I have plenty of eyebrow hair, however there were a few spots missing here and there. You were able to conceal them just perfectly. Thank You"
Lynn Jurenka
Austin, TX
"Thanks a bunch. I can't believe you could put eyeliner, woops I mean 'eyelash enhancement' on so perfectly. Right IN the lash line. And yes you were right I still have all my eyelashes."
Kim Marks
Austin, TX